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My Job is to give you One Thing To Think About Changing to the Positive Something in Your Spirit Soul/Mind and Body

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The Million Dollar Idea Network
Mr. Childs host of the Million Dollar Idea Network Radio show going in to its 7th year with over 500 episodes with over 35,000 listeners.

The Challenge We are going to take a group of men and women who care about the community and the people around them and make $100 Million Dollars and donate $10 Million back to the community.

He believes that every family should have a home. He also believes its not just about the money that every family can achieve Total Prosperity = to prosper in Spirit, Soul and Body. "Change can come from One Idea"

Mr. Childs is a Christian and teaches Christian concepts about budgeting and life planning, business Mr. Childs also uses cutting edge technology for networking and business expansion. He teaches on controlling your media in public. He teaches about being intentional in what you feed your Spirit, Mind/Soul and Body to be successful. He reviews the work of the original self improvement expert Mr. Earl Nightingale.  You will also hear him on his brother Carl's Radio Show Gate4. You also may take part in one of the many live shows he does during the year. Our the special Scriptures and Scribbles for all ages with Award winning artist Carl Childs.

Mr. Childs is a strong believer in multiple sources of income, passive income, no debt and this is reflected in his businesses and how he helps families.

Mr. Childs creator of The World's First Referral Marketing Group. The Neighborhood Consultant.
Mr. Childs created the Social Media Presence Tool, "The Worlds easiest way to participate in Social Media." and The Artist's Virtual Portfolio.

Mr. Childs coaches Nonprofit and Small Businesses across the country for improved leadership and marketability.

Mr. Childs has over 15yrs. working in the Financial Industry. He has helped 100's of families with Insurance, Business Planning, Educational Savings, Real Estate, Wealth Planning,

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