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My Job is to give you One Thing To Think About Changing to the Positive Something in Your Spirit Soul/Mind and Body

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The Best is Yet to Come

"My Job is to give you one idea to change to the positive something in your
Spirit, Soul/Mind and Body".......Charlie Childs Jr.


Today In The Spirit

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The Best is Yet to Come!

The World's easiest Way to Participate in Social Media Special. View the video and make the decision to have the SMPT be part of your social media strategy.
Thank You for your support. The listening,emails,encouraging words,Blessings and Prayers. It is because of those things. We made it through the fire and the storms. I am truly humbled by those who have told me I have made a difference in their Life by encouraging them to win. You can get through anything with the Lord on your side. The Best is Yet to Come. You have not seen anything Yet. You will show the World How Great You Are. Coming up this weekend we will be reaching out to Churches and Nonprofits to pre-register for the New MDIN Radio Phone App. You have an opportunity to increase the income for your organization by using the Phone app Thank You Be Blessed and Highly Favored BAHF Charlie

Spirit, Soul/Mind and Body

Total Prosperity is being prosperous in your:




You are a Spirit with a Soul / Mind in a Body.

It is your job to be intentional about what you feed them. 

Be intentional about what you feed your Spirit.

Be intentional about what you feed your Soul/Mind.

Artist Virtual Portfolio is a new social media tool. We are offering to artists across the country.
AVP is a tool to get exposed .

1) You will be able to send an interactive portfolio to anyone
2) You do not need a website
3) It can be placed on all social media facebook, Myspace etc.
4) It will also function on the latest devices.
5) Video now available in the AVP for tours, interviews and endorsements

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